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FoxWest Medical & Aesthetics is proud to announce our support for SmileTrain.  An organization that changes the lives of children worldwide, SmileTrain provides cleft lip surgery to those that would not normally be able to afford it.  In an effort to provide ongoing support for this awesome organization, FoxWest is making a donation from the proceeds of each BOTOX Cosmetic and Juvederm Injectable Gel procedure. 

 Special on BOTOX Cosmetic pricing of 
$10 per unit *

(20 unit minimum, some restrictions apply, not available with coupons or other discounts)

All Botox Cosmetic is injected by Dr. Fox
Why should you let Dr. Fox inject your BOTOX Cosmetic instead of going down the road for the discount special?   Not all injectors are the same.  Botox Cosmetic injection is part science and part art. Dr. Fox has experience injecting BOTOX Cosmetic, and has received training in Advanced Botox Cosmetic application.  What does this mean to you?  It means you get Botox Cosmetic treatment that can give you a younger looking face.  BOTOX Cosmetic should not only remove frown wrinkles,  but if properly applied can provide a treatment that will  make you look younger.   BOTOX Cosmetic typically lasts 4 months, and sometimes up to six months in people that have been having it applied regularly. 


BOTOX Cosmetic is traditionally priced by the unit.   You may also find places that charge by the area, or by the "dose".  Be sure to always ask how many units they use, no matter how they charge you.  Why is this important?  Several reasons.  With BOTOX Cosmetic being a high cost item, it sure would be nice to only have to use just enough to get the job done.  No matter how a place charges BOTOX Cosmetic you, their bottom line is always based on "the number of units they use".  A vial of BOTOX Cosmetic  has 100 units in it.  Each area, whether a woman or a man, takes an average number of units to get the job done. So whether they charge you for an area, or by the dose, they are still using a certain number of units, and this will always be represented in the medical record.  Knowing the number of units they use will  let you know what price you are really paying.  
 Dr. Fox believes that simple spot treatment doesn't help the client explore the benefits
BOTOX Cosmetic.  For this reason the pricing of BOTOX Cosmetic treatment can vary depending on the number of areas treated.  For those that have had BOTOX Cosmetic, they understand that Botox Cosmetic can be expensive.  Dr. Fox believes it shouldn't be too expensive to receive the benefit of "Pan-Facial" BOTOX Cosmetic treatment.   Schedule a free consultation to find out how reasonable FoxWest Medical & Aesthetics provides advanced BOTOX Cosmetic applications.

Instead of settling for frown line reduction, schedule an appointment with Dr. Fox to discuss how he can make you look younger with "Pan-Facial" BOTOX Cosmetic applications. 

What is Botox Cosmetic ?

BOTOX Cosmetic is a Botulinum derivative utilized for the treatment of frown lines caused by overactive facial muscles.  With FDA approval for use on the glabellar area (forehead between the eyes), BOTOX Cosmetic is also utilized on an off label basis for treatment of other deep facial lines that are created by muscle action. Often utilized on an off-label basis, many people receive satisfying results when treating crow's feet and forehead furrows. BOTOX Cosmetic has a good safety records, with over 3 million doses provided in 2005.  Potential side effects are usually the result of being injected by an inexperienced injector. They can include bruising, infections, and eyelid droop. BOTOX Cosmetic is a temporary treatment for deep lines and furrows created by muscle action.  It typically lasts about 4 months, then re-treatment is necessary. Some patients with certain medical conditions or taking certain medications may not be able to utilize BOTOX Cosmetic. Call your local Botox specialist for a consultation to discuss if BOTOX Cosmetic is for you.  For more information on BOTOX Cosmetic go to Allergans website.  Allergan is also maker of recently released JUVEDERM  Injectable Gel, a hyaluronic filler. 

We perform Botox Cosmetic injection at our Federal Way office.  For an appointment call Contact 253-336-4462. Same day group discounts available.

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