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Sharon Fox 
Sharon Fox


    We are located in Federal Way, Washington.  My wife Sharon and myself have teamed together to provide our clients with aesthetics and age management services.  I am a  Board Certified physician who performs advanced non surgical aesthetics, bio-identical hormone replacement, and medically supervised weight correction.  My services draw clients from Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Alaska, as well as the State of Washington.  Sharon is a Medical Esthetician who graduated from the Euro Institute.  She is trained in medical grade facial peels, laser hair removal and facial rejuvenation, and permanent makeup tattooing.   As a skin care specialist, she can help you determine the right course of action as it pertains to facial treatments and skin care product selection.  We both strive to provide personalized treatments that help you combat the effects of aging, both internally and externally.  Our philosophy is to educate each client so they may make life changes that enable them to take care of themselves. Educating clients empowers them to take control of their life, and prevent fires before they happen.  


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Dr. Scott Fox D.O.  

I am Board Certified in Family Medicine.  I have an integrative philosophy as it pertains to health care.  I have been in practice for almost 20 years.  I have been specializing in the evaluation and treatment of men with testosterone deficiency for over 5 years.  My approach entails a thorough evaluation, with management tailored to each individual patient. No two patients are alike, and each patient is more than just a set of lab values.  If you are found to suffer from androgen deficiency, then treatment is more than just writing a prescription and sending you on your way.  Hormone replacement must be tailored to each patient, and appropriately monitoring of lab values to ensure safety is imperative. While hormone replacement can be life changing, it also can create problems if incorrectly applied or monitored.  If you think you suffer from testosterone deficiency then choose a health care provider with experience in the subtle nuances of testosterone replacement.

The Person-I am a physician in Washington State and practice in the Seattle Tacoma area.

I started my college career at Colorado State University, where I studied biology and played  football. After several injuries,  I  focused on my  studies in Biology and Biochemistry at California Polytechnic University in San Luis Obispo.  While in undergraduate studies, I worked full-time as a first response medic in San Luis Obispo County. After undergraduate studies I ventured to medical school, Western Health Sciences University-COMP, and graduated in 1991.  I completed Residency in 1994, and am Board Certified in Family Medicine.  Early in my career, I worked full-time in the Emergency Department for 10 years, and was attending staff at one of Dallas’s Level I Trauma receiving centers.  While there, I  helped develop an Electronic Medical Records software that fully automates the Emergency Department.  I moved to the Seattle area in 1999, working an additional 5 years in one of the local Emergency Departments.  After retiring from the ER, I  served as a Medical Director for a local Urgent Care/Occupational Medical Service.  I am also an active Clinical Instructor for the University of Washington School of Nursing.

  Through some personal injuries, and joining the "over 40" year old age group, my interests have changed to a more preventative approach.  In retrospect,  most of my career was spent putting out fires, and maintaining patients that have chronic conditions. I realized I wasn't helping anyone get rid of chronic disease, I was just helping them not get worse.

   I have a keen interest in nutrition, and utilize supplements myself, as well as with my patients.  I actively try and maintain an "A-List" of supplements * I feel are worthy of attention. I want to help my patients sort through the vast ocean of information about vitamins and supplements.  I realize some people are on a tight budget and can't afford to take $100 worth of supplements a month.  Thus I try and help prioritize supplement selection, while bringing attention to areas where money is being wasted on the latest fad.  In addition to nutritional approaches to disease prevention, I also believe that as we age, certain safety mechanisms we have tend to deteriorate.  One of the most interesting areas of anti-aging research and disease prevention is the area of  bio-identical hormones.  I am active in prescribing bio-similar hormones.  I evaluate both men and women for hormone deficiencies or imbalances.  

My philosophy :  Your body is your "ship".  You are the captain.  I am here to help navigate.  If I don't teach you those navigation skills then I have failed you.


 Federal Way Office Serving Clients from Olympia, Tacoma, Auburn, Bellevue, Seattle, Bellingham, Spokane, Idaho


























Important Note:   Bio-Identical hormone replacement therapy is for recognized medical conditions.   Therapy is not prescribed for those seeking increase athletic performance, competitive or not. Therapy will only be prescribed to those after the appropriate lab testing, coupled with a history and physical that ascertains a medical condition exists. Acceptable conditions include androgen deficiency, and menopausal / peri- menopausal conditions.  Those patients under current therapy with a different provider will be required to have records faxed directly to us for review prior to being considered as a new patient

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