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A natural part of aging?  Yes. However, many people, including doctors would like you believe that you have to live with it.  Then as symptoms get worse and your lack of sleep makes you even more of a basket-case, your doctor may write you for sleeping pills; sleeping pills leading to metabolites that create a "morning after hangover".  Or even worse,  you may be prescribed medications that further distort your remaining hormone levels. So after having the babies and ensuring the survival of the species you are just suppose to sit back and accept the inevitable. Accept sagging skin, sleepless nights, fragile bones, hot flashes, headaches, a dry vagina, loss of sex drive, loss of mental focus and  multitasking skills?  

For those who decide that these symptoms are unbearable, they often resort to  synthetic pharmaceutical hormone replacement products. These synthetic hormones are the one's that the Women's Health Initiative (WHI) utilized, and were found to lead to increased cardiovascular and cancer risk. 

Fortunately, Bio-similar hormone therapy (BHRT) offers a more alternative solution.  They not only offer potential relief from menopausal symptoms, but they can also offer increased quality of life in several areas.  

Aging skin is often the result of declining estrogen levels.  Collagen matrix formation is dependant on health estrogen levels.  When estrogen levels decline, the collagen matrix suffers, and the result is seen in the face.  The "falling face" or increased nasal-labial creases occur with age.  Firm and supple skin is replaced with sagging dry skin, flattening of upper lips, loose sagging cheeks, and the infamous "turkey neck". 

Why live with the changes while safe available therapies are available? * 

Several methods of physiological BHRT exist.  Creams, patches, drops, and gels are just some of the common ways to approach this therapy.  I prescribe all the different forms, however, I prefer Hormone Pellet method

Hormones that are supplemented in women:

Estrogen, Testosterone, Progesterone

Please remember that the WHI Study determined that estrogen replacement therapy resulted in a slight increase in risk for breast and uterine cancer, as well as stroke. This study utilized conjugated estrogens and medroxyprogesterone.  The hormones we utilize are bio similar estradiol and progesterone.



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