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 Important Note:   Bio-Identical hormone replacement therapy is for recognized medical conditions.   Therapy is not prescribed for those seeking increase athletic performance, competitive or not. Therapy will only be prescribed to those after the appropriate lab testing, coupled with a history and physical that ascertains a medical condition exists. Acceptable conditions include androgen deficiency, and menopausal / peri- menopausal conditions.  Those patients under current therapy with a different provider will be required to have records faxed directly to us for review prior to being considered as a new patient 


Testosterone Replacement Women

Testosterone Replacement in Women ?

Yes, in women. Women make testosterone also, albeit about 1/10th about as much as a man. Testosterone is important in women also, so correcting deficiency is important.  During a woman's reproductive years, her ovaries not only make estrogen, but also testosterone.  As she ages, or after she has had children, these levels decrease, even before menopause. Often the deficiency starts in their early thirties. Testosterone is important for sexual function, sexual response, and libido.  Estrogen rules the brain, testosterone rules the body. A woman's body can't respond appropriately to sexual stimuli without testosterone. Additionally, testosterone helps maintain lean body mass, or muscle, as opposed to fat.  It also has positive effects on those suffering from osteoporosis. 


FSD Female Sexual Dysfunction






Dr. Fox serves patients needing testosterone supplementation or bio equivalent therapy from Seattle, Bellevue, Redmond, Kirkland, Bellingham, Tacoma, Olympia, Puyallup, Medina, Auburn, Kent, Des Moines, Alaska, Spokane, and Idaho. 



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